Pohjoismaiset Lammaspäivät: InterNorden 36. Vaasa 21.-23.8.2024

21.8.2024 00:00

Sokos Hotel Original Vaakuna, Rewell-center

Internorden meeting 36th Suomi Finland Vaasa

21.-23.8.2024, Sokos Hotel Original Vaakuna, Rewell-center

21.8. Wednesday, Sheep production in Nordic countries (11:00-17:00) live 70€, online 50€

11.00-12.00 Registration (Check-In) and lunch
12.30-17.00 Introductions


Sheep production in Nordic countries (program may vary depending on participants)

Short presentations from each participating country

Faroe Islands






Evening program (18:00-21:00) 50 €

Guided tour in the city of Vaasa, starting from hotel Vaakuna, ending with a small boat outing along the coastline. Traditional Finnish fish soup served during the boat ride.


22.8. Thursday, Conference day (9:00-17:00) live 80 €, online 60 €

Conference: Sheep nutrition, feeding systems and sustainable production (program may vary depending on participants) 

Chairman: Petri Leinonen
Welcome speech: Milla Alanco-Ollqvist, ProAgria

Presentations by the participants: research results, information sharing, benchmarking from different countries 

Conservation of genetic resources of the native Finnsheep. Kantanen Juha, Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Sequencing and Assembly of Finnsheep Genome. Pokharel Kisun, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Finnish feed value system, guidelines and recommendations. Jenni Vattulainen, Luke Natural Resources Institute Finland

Recent studies and developments in sheep nutrition and management in Iceland. Jóhannes Sveinbjörnsson, Iceland.

Results from a feeding trial on ewes. Annelie Carlsson, Sweden.

Different feeding systems in Finnish sheepfarms. Anna Silén and Milla Alanco-Ollqvist, ProAgria, Finland

Lammaslaidun reseach project. Part 1. Survey on grazing and parasite control on sheep farms in Finland. Eeva Mustonen Finland

Results from a 7-year project: marine-based proteins for pregnant ewes instead of conventional concentrates. Jens Ivan í Gerðinum, Faroe Islands.

·    Profitable lamb production. Carlsson Annelie & colleague, Sweden

Lunch & coffee break in between

Posters and other materials available all day (If you wish to present a poster, please note that in the sign-up with details on the theme and poster’s presenter’s information)

Dinner at restaurant Hejm (54 €, drinks not included) 

Seaside restaurant, locally sourced lamb, see complete menu below


Spice-roasted and pickled carrot from Finne farm with strained yogurt, chorizo, herb salad, and crispy bread Sourdough bread with butter and sunflower seed pesto

Main course
Grilled Lamb in variation from Älvsbyarna

With potato purée, roasted and pickled carrot, onion and a lamb jus sauce with grilled browned butter

Served with; roasted broccoli, tarragon pesto and crumbled feta cheese


Sour cream ice cream with crispy shortcrust pastry, rhubarb compote, chervil foam and almond cake


23.8. Friday, Study tour day 50 €

8.30 Bus leaves the hotel

Sheep farm visit (Ingos Får / Ingos Lammas)

Finnsheep, about 100 ewes (white, black and brown)

Barn constructed with wood

Direct sales: meat, sheep skins

Lunch at Bernys

Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage with a guide

Viewing tower at Saltkaret & coffee break

14.30 Return to hotel

15.00 Finnish Sheep Breeders Association’s meeting (registration seperately)


The sign-up period for the event ends on the 18th of July (18.7.2024).  The organizer retains the right for changes in the program.

For questions and more information, please contact:

Milla Alanco-Ollqvist, milla.alanco-ollqvist@proagria.fi

+358 407060558


Anna Silén, anna.silen@proagria.fi

+358 504090375




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Päättyy:   23.8.2024 00:00

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Sokos Hotel Original Vaakuna, Rewell-center


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